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Carpet patch work

Carpet patch work

Phoenix carpet repair and cleaning often gets call to “Patch carpet” due to all different challenges. We do carpet patches which in the industry they are called permanent sections! We permanently section in a new piece of carpet to the original carpet. We...

Glendale repair Carpet Patch

PCR was called to do a Glendale repair carpet patch today in a closet where they had some shelves removed and needed to carpet repaired!

Avondale Carpet Patch

Phoenix Carpet Repair was called to do a Avondale Carpet Patch today. The home owner tried to do it themselves and after called us out. They were hoping to get there deposit back from the Landlord. They were very Happy with the results, they even wrote a...

Can we see the Carpet Repair after its repaired?

Carpet Repair! This has to be the biggest question I get out in the field from my Customers. Many people wonder if repairing there carpet “Can you see the repair”  They may have a huge gaping hole where there dog or cat tour through the carpet and padding...