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Carpet Cleaning Disclosures

Carpet cleaning room/area size disclosure:

A room/area is considered a single room/area when it is 250 cleanable sq ft or less. For example, 3 bedrooms under 250 cleanable sq ft would need our 3 area package. Any area larger than 250 cleanable sq ft will be considered two rooms/areas.  Stairs are considered 1 area up to 12 stairs.

Carpet Cleaning Disclaimer

Some changes in the carpet or rug may occur which are unavoidable; the customer assumes all risks regarding changes which may occur during cleaning including the following: shrinkage, discoloration, dye running, ripples.  In addition, some spots and stains are evident prior to cleaning, others are not.  There are occasions where stains wick back up into the carpet from the padding after cleaning has taken place. We cannot guarantee the removal of a stain, whether it is visible prior to or after cleaning.  If a stain does not come out of wall to wall carpet; we can patch (repair) it for an additional charge.  For liability reasons, we do not move furniture.

Disclosure: Wicking May Occur

Wicking may occur; Some stains may release with cleaning for the life of the carpet; Wicking is impossible to predict or prevent. (Wicking is defined as a re-appearance of previously cleaned stains due to liquid remaining in carpet backing or padding.)  Again, this is not something our technician can avoid or fix.  We stand behind our workmanship 100% apart from carpet wicking.

Disclosure: Furniture Moving for Carpet & Tile Cleaning

We do not move any furniture.  We send one Technician to each appointment. If you want to move furniture, please be sure it is moved prior to our arrival. If you do not want to move furniture, please leave it in place and we will carefully clean around it. You cannot move furniture around or move items from room to room while we are there cleaning.  Everything needs to be ready so we can come in and get right to work.

Phoenix Carpet Repair & Cleaning shall not be liable for any slip and fall accidents or injuries caused as a result of the services performed.

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