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Area Rug Cleaning Disclosures

Some changes in the carpet or rug may occur which are unavoidable; the customer assumes all risks regarding changes which may occur during cleaning including the following:

SHRINKAGE: usually is minimal. However, rugs made of wool and/or cotton tend to shrink more than other types.

BACKING: Latex backed canvas or monk’s cloth tend to get limp, crack or deteriorate. The backing may come off. There will be a charge to repair or replace if necessary.

DISCOLORATION: some rugs may have been made with fugitive dyes, and after washing may change color, bleed or fade due to air pollution, wear, action of sunlight, age, improper cleaning methods used in the past, and deteriorated material. Customer agrees to accept our findings.

RIPPLES: caused by uneven shrinkage or moisture absorption.

SPOTS AND STAINS: some spots and stains are evident prior to cleaning, others are not.  We cannot guarantee the removal of a stain, whether it is visible prior to or after cleaning.

DRY ROT: deteriorated material may come apart in cleaning. this is impossible to determine before cleaning. Dry rot may result in cuts, shredding, or separation of fiber.

ABRASH: color changes in the dyes sometimes done intentionally by the weaver or manufacturer where the colors go from darker to lighter, or completely different. This is not a defect. However, sometimes the weaver may dye wool at various times, and after washing the colors of the original wool may be more evident (especially with Navajo rugs).

TEXTURE CHANGE: changes of appearance due to change of texture without significant fiber loss takes place during the rug or carpet service.

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