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Berber Carpet Repair

Technical repair for damaged loop pile carpet

Berber carpet is a loop pile carpet often used for its durability. In the mill, Berber carpet is woven using a single strand of carpet fiber or yarn as opposed to cut pile carpet that’s woven using individual tufts of yarn. Because of the way it’s made, one snag in a Berber carpet can cause it to unravel like a sweater, exposing row upon row of bare carpet that’s unsightly as well as a danger, whether at home or in a commercial space.

Modern vacuum cleaners, pet claws, even shoes, can easily cause snags in your Berber.

“Berber repairs require real technical expertise and creativity, which Phoenix Carpet Repair and Cleaning technicians all possess. We either surgically weave in new fiber loops or, if the damage is severe, we cut out the damaged carpet and replace it with a matching permanent section. If the carpet is patterned, even more technical skill is required to ensure the replacement is integrated with the carpet pattern so the repair is unnoticeable.”

Robert says

Get the best in the business working on your Berber carpet repair. We bring an extreme level of expertise and a long track record of happy customers. References are available—just ask us. Contact us for a free quote over the phone.

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