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Water Damage Restoration

The road to recovery after water damage can be a long one if strict water damage repair protocols are not followed.

Restoring your home or business requires complete knowledge of the water restoration process, from removing the water correctly, and more importantly how to dry your home in a way that eliminates removes water from your home.

If you do not get the water out of your wood, foundation, and drywall, you can end up with dangerous mold growth and the added cost of ripping out and replacing everything damaged by the water and mold.

You can avoid this entire scenario by choosing Phoenix Carpet Repair & Cleaning for your water damage restoration needs. We handle your water damage restoration needs from the minute you call us until the job is complete.

When our water damage restoration technicians arrive they will immediately get to work assessing the damage and sealing the damaged area to prevent contamination to other parts of your home or office.

This is followed by water extraction and drying of your property to ensure everything is returned to a pre-loss condition. All of our water damage restoration technicians are trained, certified, and ready to help you today!

If you have questions about the water damage restoration process please contact Phoenix Carpet Repair & Cleaning at 602 755 6424

Phoenix Carpet Repair & Cleaning serves customers in Phoenix, Scottsdale, Chandler, Tempe, Mesa, and the larger metro area.

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