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Carpet Re-Stretching Disclosures

Carpet Re-Stretching Disclaimer

Final sq footage measurements will determine final pricing.  Furniture needs to be vacant from the space prior to our arrival.

Disclosure: Furniture Moving for Carpet Stretching

We do not move any furniture.  We send one Technician to each appointment. Furniture must be removed for carpet to be properly re-stretched. Please be sure it is moved prior to our arrival.

Warranty Carpet Re-Stretching

Labor on carpet stretching labor is warrantied for two years from the date of service. This warranty will stay with our customer and cannot be transferred. Some things that can void this warranty are over-wetting the carpet, not having your carpet cleaned by an IICRC professional, a flood, and leaving the thermostat above 85 degrees, or furniture being in the room when we stretch the carpet.  Our technicians are skilled and trained to recognize these scenarios. If the carpet is cleaned, customer must be able to produce a receipt by an IICRC Certified Carpet Cleaning company to stay within the warranty terms.

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