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Durahold/Rug Stop

Are you doing everything that you can to protect your rug from damage? Rug cleaning and rug repair are only part of the solution. Protecting your rug from damage starts with what is under it.

High-quality padding is the first line of defense for your rug. We highly recommend using Dura-hold padding for your rug. Dura-hold products are durable, robust and provide superior cushioning for your rug.

Durahold pads will keep wear and tear to a minimum and increase the life of your rug.

Durahold pads are hypoallergenic, so if you suffer from allergies, you do not have to worry about triggering your allergies.

Durahold rug pads are made using eco-friendly products and are manufactured in the United States.

We can custom order a Durahold pad for your rug today. If you have any questions about Durahold rug pads, please give us a call today at 602 755 6424

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