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Carpet Repair Disclosures

Carpet Repair Price Disclosure

When our Technician arrives, he will inspect the condition of the damaged carpet and carpet backing to determine what size the repair will need to be. Sometimes the repair needs to be larger, due to damage of the carpet backing.  Since pricing is determined by size of the repair, price is subject to change upon inspection.

Carpet Repair Disclaimer

We are IICRC trained and certified professionals; however, there are other factors such as soil level, wear patterns, and the age of the carpet that can affect the visibility of a carpet repair.  We strive to perform the repair to the best of our ability with the circumstances that are present.  The customer understands that the repair will not be indiscernible, nor has Phoenix Carpet Repair and Cleaning guaranteed this.

Closet Permanent Section Disclaimer

Carpet is made in dye lots, so it is impossible to match carpet exactly; unless you find carpet from the same manufacturer in the same color and the same dye lot.  For that reason, when a customer does not have remnant (extra) carpet we borrow a piece from the closet (since it is from the same dye lot) and utilize that to repair the damaged area(s).  As a courtesy, we carry around beige and brown remnants in our trucks.  We place a NON-MATCHING piece back in the closet so that there is not a hole in your closet.  If a customer is concerned about carpet in the closet being NON-MATCHING, they can cut off 1”-2” of the damaged area and take that to a big box store to obtain a piece of carpet to have for our technician to place in the closet.

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