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Water Damage and Flood Recovery Experts

Emergency Water Removal

Water is no friend to your carpet. While the Phoenix area is not prone to flooding, we have plenty of customers who have the unexpected happen: your water heater bursts, plumbing pipes burst or break, or your washing machine overflows. In most cases this type of emergency just cannot be forecast. Robert says: A lot of water on your carpet can cause damage short-term and long-term if not cleaned up immediately. Water loosens the adhesive that holds your wall-to-wall carpet to floor and can ruin the carpet padding. Without proper water extraction and drying, your carpet and pad could offer the perfect environment for mold and mildew to grow as well.  Flooded carpet that is not properly serviced is also likely to loosen and need re-stretching.

Tips for dealing with flooded carpet

  • As soon as you can, call Phoenix Carpet Repair and Cleaning.
  • If possible, shut off the source of the water.
  • You may need to locate main water shut-offs.
  • Remove furniture from the flooded carpet.
  • Do not touch electric wires or appliances while standing on a wet carpet or near water!


Phoenix Carpet Repair and Cleaning technicians are flood extraction experts. We are licensed and trained to extract or remove the water from the affected area, dry it, remove and replace the carpet padding if necessary, and re-stretch the carpet…leaving no trace of the mess behind.

We use a high-powered water extraction truck mounted system to remove the water from the carpet. Then we set up industrial fans to help quick-dry the damp rug. Once dry, we use the power stretcher to ensure your carpet is drum-tight.

Call us immediately for prompt water removal and extraction services.
References and referrals are available—just ask us.

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