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Do you have an area rug that sits on top of your carpet? Did you know that your rug can damage your carpet fibers?

The damage happens when you put pressure on the rug when you walk on it. This causes the rug backing and the carpet fibers to rub together, thus creating friction between the two surfaces.

Over time the carpet fibers that are covered by your rug will get worn down and damaged. Wunderlock prevents this damage from happening in the first place by reducing the friction between the rug and the carpet.

Wunderlock is a dry adhesive that adheres to your rug. This adhesive adds years of life to your carpet and rug. Wunderlock is ideal for lightweight rugs and high-traffic areas.

If you have questions about Wunderlock and how it protects your rug and carpet, please give us a call today 602 755 6424 for more details.

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