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Air Drying

Air drying is the final phase of the rug cleaning process. After your rug has been carefully inspected, dusted, washed and dried with our centrifuge your rug is hung up to dry on our drying rack in our temperature controlled facility.

This will ensure that your rug is completely dry before we deliver your rug to your home. During this drying time, our rug cleaning specialists will conduct a final inspection of your rug to ensure that your rug has received the 5-star treatment that you expect from Phoenix Carpet Repair & Cleaning.

Once that process has been finalized your rug will be carefully rolled up and placed in a protective covering for the journey back to your home. Our concierge delivery service will ensure that your rug returns to you looking vibrant and new like the day you bought it.

Expect nothing but the best from Phoenix Carpet Repair & Cleaning. If you have questions about rug drying or our concierge pickup and delivery service, please give us a call today at 602 755 6424

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