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Water Damage Restoration Service


What is psychrometry? This sounds like something that you would hear in an 8th-grade science class right? Don’t worry there isn’t a quiz after we explain what it is. Psychrometry is the science of drying.

You would think that drying is pretty self-explanatory. Something gets wet and it dries. End of story. There is a whole field dedicated to learning all there is to know about drying and how it can be improved upon.

Understanding the science behind drying gives us the power to dry your home or business with the utmost precision and get you back on track sooner.

The tools that we use to apply this knowledge is a thermo-hygrometer and moisture meter. The thermo-hygrometer allows us to measure the humidity of the air and temperature of the air.

A moisture meter helps us measure the moisture in materials such as drywall, carpeting, carpet padding, and wood.

With this knowledge, we can determine how much water is in the air, both inside your property and outside your property and develop a plan that will ensure that every last drop of water is permanently removed.

This is the level of dedication, professionalism and expert knowledge that you can expect from Phoenix Carpet Repair & Cleaning. We take care of our customers with verve and vigor that is well known in the Phoenix area and beyond.

We are continually upgrading our competencies to keep up with the latest trends in water damage restoration and will go the extra mile for you with every call.

We have over 3000 reviews and thousands of happy new and repeat customers! Here is some of the most recent water damage restoration work that we have done for our customers.

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