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Commercial Carpet Repair

Coming apart at the seams?

Commercial business environments, from office space to department stores, endure extremes of foot traffic and environmental conditions. The carpet can take a beating. Damaged, it’s an eyesore, unsafe, and a lawsuit waiting to happen.

Common commercial carpet repairs

Seam repair – In large commercial spaces, carpet could have many seams—the edges where carpet is joined. But seams come apart, either with time and wear and tear or because their edges were never properly bonded with adhesive or latex when installed. Customers and/or employees can catch the heels of their shoes on loose seams, causing them to curl and fray even more. Commercial vacuums and moisture can also cause damage to the seams.

  • For seams that are in good condition, we re-apply latex adhesive to bond the seams together.
  • Where carpet is damaged at the seams, we remove the damaged area, replace with a permanent section, and then latex the seams.

Rubber Reducer Replacement – Where the carpet meets tile or floor, most commercial spaces have a rubber gasket, called a “rubber reducer,” that creates a smooth, gradual transition from carpet to floor. Over time, rubber reducers become damaged or loosen, creating a sudden and dangerous “lip” between the floor and carpet. We provide quick replacement of all rubber reducers, so transitions are new and smooth again.

  • Carpet Repair – Damaged commercial carpet requires Phoenix Carpet Repair’s technical and creative solutions:
  • Berber carpet or loop pile carpet that unravels to expose long bare rows of carpet is repaired using either permanent sections bonded inserts or by “surgically” replacing the missing rows of looped fiber.

For cut pile carpet we replace damaged sections with permanent sections using donor carpet from remnants you

  • have on hand or by borrowing from inconspicuous carpet under heavy office furniture or behind a file cabinet, for example.
  • Have patterned carpet? We specialize in pattern-matching — repairs blend into the overall carpet pattern, ensuring they are unnoticeable to your clients or customers.

“Damaged carpet or loose and missing rubber reducers in a commercial space, office building, or other place of business should be corrected immediately. Cosmetically, they are an eyesore and can imply to customers and clients that you don’t care about maintaining your business. But they pose bigger dangers—lawsuits. Seams coming apart, curling, snagged and damaged carpet, and missing or loose rubber reducers are all trip and fall hazards. Failure to fix them promptly is just inviting a lawsuit.”

-Robert Atlas

Phoenix Carpet Repair recently did an awesome job for the Phoenix Convention Center.

I really appreciate the quick and professional response from Phoenix Carpet Repair. Out of 4 different contractors called they were the only ones that responded promptly and their price was reasonable. They displayed great confidence and solutions to our unique problem. I work for the Phoenix Convention center and we had approximately 10,000 sq feet damaged due to a fire sprinkler leak. Phoenix Carpet was given two days to restore this area to its original beauty so an event could move into this space. They showed up on time and stayed late to ensure our deadline was met, and their staff was experienced professionals, clean and well mannered. Thank you!

David W.Phoenix Convention Center

Same day service available for commercial repairs. Contact us to fix unsightly and unsafe commercial carpet. Lifetime Guarantee for work performed and references are available – just ask us. 

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