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Pet Odor Removal

Neutralize Dog and Cat Smells (Smoke, too!)

Ever gone into someone’s home and known immediately that they have a dog or cat—just by the smell? That “doggy smell” or the scent of old cat urine cannot be covered up AND it’s hard to clean with typical spot cleaners.

We love our pets—they become well-loved family members and many of us at Phoenix carpet repair and cleaning have pets. But they can be hard on carpets. Stains and odors become deeply set in your carpet’s fibers. Urine goes beyond fibers, into the padding and, if unchecked, can soak into the floor beneath the carpeting.

We offer four levels of service that cure pet odors, from run-of-the-mill odor to serious odor and wetting problems:

  • Level 1: A general carpet-cleaning package with an enzyme-based deodorizer. This is an all-around excellent package for removing most basic odors, but is not recommended for urine problems. For anything other than the most basic “doggy smell” odors, we recommend the following packages.
  • Level 2: We treat the carpet with a stronger enzyme-based deodorizer. If the odor is in the carpet pad, see Levels 3 & 4 below.
  • Level 3: We pull back the carpet to replace the soiled and stained carpet pad, then apply a sealant to the sub-floor that is safe and effective for wood or concrete.
  • Level 4: Level 3 PLUS we cut the carpet where there is severe urine damage and section in a new piece of carpet so the damaged carpet is removed completely.

After any treatment that requires we pull back the carpet, we stretch it and tack it using industry best practices that many other service providers don’t.

“Our deodorizers are green products that work great—they don’t just mask smells. They have a natural enzyme in them that breaks down problem odors like urine and even cigarette smoke, devouring them at a molecular level. They continue to work their magic on odors for up to two weeks after we apply them. Pet urine is a tough odor. Remember, dogs and cats will urinate again and again in the same area because they are attracted to the scent. This product can help REMOVE the odor.”

– Robert Atlas

Have pets? Don’t trust your nose when it comes to odors and pet messes in your own home. Call Phoenix Carpet Repair and Cleaning at 602 755 6424. Kimberly, our Office Manager, will be happy to add you to the schedule or answer any questions you have (she’s a certified IICRC technician). Ask how you can get a free bottle (and free refills!) of our “green” spot-cleaning product.

Phoenix Carpet Repair and Cleaning can pretty much do it all! How may we assist you?

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