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Carpet Repair

The Pro’s at Phoenix Carpet Repair Get Pet Damage Done!

Call us for all your Carpet Repair and Cleaning needs. We repair all kinds of carpet issues.


  1. Carpet repair, carpet burns, iron burns, hookah burns, cigaretter burns, cigar burns.
  2. Bleach stains/spills, pet damage, remodeling, Blood stains, hair dye, red stains
  3. Pen ink stains, permanent marker stains, paint stains/spills, solvent spills
  4. Chemical spills, rust stains, wear pattern issues, oil stains, frayed carpet issues
  5. Carpet tears, carpet snags, glue stains

Phoenix Carpet Repair trucks are stocked with a supply of extra types of carpet remnants in common weights and thicknesses, as well as carpet pad. When you don’t have extra carpet for a repair this is a cost-effective and quick solution. Most home improvement stores are not going to sell you just a small square of carpet, so this is a proven bonus for our customers.

If re-stretching is necessary to help repair the damage, we can do that too. This can be particularly true in cases when there is damage to carpet where it meets tile or wood, common at doorway thresholds and in hallways.

Let us work our magic on your damaged carpet. Contact us for a free carpet repair quote. Lifetime Labor Guarantee for work performed and references are available – just ask us.

Carpet Stretching + Cleaning

Phoenix Carpet Repair & Cleaning has serviced countless carpets and won’t be stopping anytime soon; we love what we do! Save your money and get your carpet repaired, not replaced!

Carpet + Seam Repair

Whether it’s pet damage, new appliance damage, or just natural wear and tear, your carpet will eventually degrade, it’s only natural. We’re here to help you save money and time with the fixes!

Tile + Grout Repair

It doesn’t end on the carpet – We’ve been replacing tile and grout for years! Go ahead and contact us below and we’ll be happy to fit you on our schedule! 

Phoenix Carpet Repair and Cleaning can pretty much do it all! How may we assist you?  CALL US –602 688 4186

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