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Getting Ready for your Carpet/Tile Cleaning Appointment

gettingreadyppl We know you’re excited about clean carpets.  We want everything to go very smoothly.  So please read and follow these “Getting Ready for Us” suggestions:

  • Please make your technician aware of any fragile furniture pieces you would like him to carefully clean around: weak legs, china cabinets, family heirlooms, etc.
  • We will be cleaning around furniture that is not moved prior to our arrival. Please pick up all small items in the rooms we are cleaning to maximize the cleanable area.
  • For your pet’s peace of mind (and ours!) please put them in a safe place where our cleaning won’t disturb them
  • We need access to an outside water spigot to hook up the hose for our truck mounted water softener system.
  • You will need to give your carpets enough time to dry before walking on them. For your children’s and pet’s safety, please do not let them crawl or lay on the carpet until it is completely dry.  You may request shoe covers from your technician so you may walk from the damp carpet to tile safely.

What you could expect before, during and after carpet cleaning:

  • Your IICRC Certified Technician will provide a courtesy call when he is approximately 30 minutes away from arriving.  You should have received an email at the time of booking your appointment in which included a photo of your Technician, this is so you know who to expect.
  • Upon arrival, your Technician will ask to see the rooms/areas he will be working in and discuss what concerns you most about your carpet/tile.
  • Your Technician will review the estimate with you to confirm the work and pricing.
  • Once the work is completed, your Technician will ask you to inspect his work.  We are committed to insuring you are happy with the work before we leave.
  • Carpet can take on average 6-8 hours to dry.  Weather conditions (humidity, cold) can extend dry time.
  • We recommend turning on any ceiling fans and the the fan on your air conditioning to help circulate the air.  Opening windows is also recommended if the weather permits.
  • Some customers may experience Carpet Wicking.  Wicking is the result of a stain/spill trapped in carpet backing or carpet padding that moves to the tips of the carpet fibers as it dries after cleaning.  A carpet stain is like an iceberg.  Wicking is the visible tip of the iceberg that indicates the stain is still present below.  If you had a spill, even though you cleaned it up topically, chances are it is sitting below the carpet until steam cleaning brings it to the surface again. Wicking is impossible to predict or prevent.
  • Time to throw away those soap and chemical filled carpet spotters you have under your sink!  Every customer will be left with a bottle of our carpet spotter “Spot Out”.  This cleaning solution is safe for pets and babies and you get FREE REFILLS FOR LIFE!!
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