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Tile & Grout Cleaning Disclosures

Disclosure: Furniture Moving for Carpet & Tile Cleaning

We do not move any furniture.  We send one Technician to each appointment. If you want to move furniture, please be sure it is moved prior to our arrival. If you do not want to move furniture, please leave it in place and we will carefully clean around it. You cannot move furniture around or move items from room to room while we are there cleaning.  Everything needs to be ready so we can come in and get right to work.

Tile & Grout Cleaning Disclaimer

Not all tile and grout is properly installed. There is always the potential for loose grout and/or caulking to be dislodged due to improper installation. Also, there may be coating’s applied to the grout lines that can be discolored or removed during the cleaning process. A floor with excessive soil and grease buildup may not clean up well. Tile that is properly installed, has not been subject to harsh cleaners, has no foreign material, and the grout mortar is the proper depth will, in most cases, clean up nicely with no problems. We try to determine if the tile has been properly installed, however to be certain is impossible. THEREFORE, we are not responsible for any situations that may arise from the cleaning of tile and the grout lines. Our products and procedures are approved by the IICRC. Cleaning showers and bath areas are extremely difficult due to mold, soap scum build up and several types of shampoo deposits. We will do the best job we can, however there are no guarantees.

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