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Bleach Stain Spot Dye Repair

In the past, if you made the unfortunate mistake of spilling bleach on your carpet you had to deal with an ugly bleach stain or replace your carpet. This is a choice that you no longer have to make because we can take care of this problem for you.

Our revolutionary bleach stain spot dye repair service is a one of kind service that you will not find anywhere else in Phoenix.

How Does Our Bleach Stain Repair Service Work?

Our bleach stain spot dye service uses specially formulated dyes to color match the affected area to the surrounding carpet. What makes this all possible is an Ipad app called Color Cue.

We use the Color Cue app to take a picture of the bleached spot. The program calculates how much dye is needed to color match the bleach spot. It is a remarkable piece of technology and we are proud that we can offer this solution to our customers.

Why Should You Dye Your Bleach Stains?

As your carpet repair company, we always advocate for repairing your carpet before replacing it. We do not want you to spend your hard earned money on carpet replacement when you do not have to.

Our bleach spot dyeing service is up to 80% less expensive than replacing your carpet! This is real savings that no other carpet repair company can offer you!

Learn more about our innovative bleach stain spot dye repair service by calling 602 755 6424 today!

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