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Pet Damage

Pet Damage and General Carpet Damage Repair and Patching

Humans and pets alike can be hard on your carpets. It’s called living. Pets can chew, scratch and otherwise damage your carpet and you can drop and spill things that are not so easily cleaned up—like red wine and bleach or burn marks from candles and cigarettes, etc.

Your pets are part of your family; life wouldn’t be quite the same without them. Dogs with separation anxiety can dig or chew holes in carpets and cats can find the perfect patch of carpet to use as a scratch pad when you’re not around.

“You wouldn’t believe some of the ways our customers and their pets have damaged their carpets. We’ve seen Hookah pipes dropped, heat lamps from pet cages left laying on the carpet where they burn a hole through to the padding, lava lamps dropped and broken (now, that’s a mess!). We’ve seen hundreds of cigarette burns, grape juice and red wine stains, bleach stains—you name it. We’ve fixed them all.”

– Robert

How Phoenix Carpet Repair fixes your chewed, stained, or burned carpet like new

Phoenix Carpet Repair technicians have a playbook of fixes for just about any type of carpet damage. We’ve perfected the technique of repairing using “permanent sections.” We will cut and remove the area of damaged carpet and if you saved a carpet remnant from the original installation, we can use that to replace the damaged carpet.

If you don’t have any carpet remnant we can take a piece from an inconspicuous place in your home—the back of a closet for example—if you purchase new carpet from the store, it will not be an exact matching piece due to it being from a different dye lot.

Courtesy services:

Our trucks are stocked with 1-2 non-matching carpet remnants, as well as carpet pad. When you don’t have extra carpet for a repair this is a cost-effective and quick solution.

If re-stretching is necessary to help repair the damage, we can do that too. This can be particularly true in cases when there is damage to carpet where it meets tile or wood, common at doorway thresholds and in hallways.

Let us work our magic on your damaged carpet. Contact us for a free quote.
Lifetime Labor Guarantee for work performed.

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Pet Damage happens, it’s only natural! Contact us and get your torn, ripped carpet re-stretched and looking almost new again. References and referrals are available—Just ask us.

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