Do you plan on being away from home for an extended period of time? Are you planning on renovating your home shortly? It is always a good idea to practice proper rug storage when you plan on being away from home for more than a couple of weeks.

Rugs that are not adequately stored can become damaged by carpet beetles and clothes moths. We are here to help you protect your investment in your rug. We offer long term rug storage solutions for our customers who are frequent travelers or only live in Arizona part time.

The first step in the rug storage process is to wash your rug. We will pick up your rug from your home and bring it back to our facility for cleaning.

Washing your rug will remove any food, dirt, dust, grime and other contaminants that may be present in your rug. Soils that are not removed from the rug can damage rug warps and wefts.

Once your rug has been cleaned we will apply an all natural insect repellent to prevent moths and carpet beetles from damaging your rug while it is in storage.

The next step in the rug storage process is to roll up your rug. We roll your rug from the bottom to the top to create a tight roll. We then wrap your rug in Tyvek paper. This paper is water resistant, tear resistant and allows your rug to “breathe.”

We do not use plastic wrap for wool rugs because it restricts airflow and will create an environment for mildew to grow.

The last step is to place your rug in our climate controlled storage area. We keep your rug in a cool and dry environment to prevent damage from moisture.

If you are planning on moving, we can also prepare your rug for shipping as well. Learn more about our rug storage and rug shipping solutions by calling 602 755 6424 today.