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Have you got a pet that chews, urinates and tears up your carpeting regularly? You are not alone in the event that you do.

Carpet re-stretching is among the very well-known solutions that we provide. Exactly why is this?

Our PROCYON products are powerful and yet soap free, odor free, hypo-allergenic, non-toxic with no VOCs and no off-gassing

Carpet seams can often be damaged by pets and as the carpet nears the end of its life, they start to delaminate.

Berber carpet loops can get caught in the vacuum cleaner and pet’s nails easily.  It takes a skilled, experienced technician to repair Berber carpet.

The desert southwest isn’t exactly known for its overabundance of water.  However, our homes have many other ways to spring a leak.

Wow, Over 4,000+ Online Reviews!

“This place rocks! I had a very expensive carpet installed by Lowes 4 yrs ago and it had rippled around 2 of the walls. Lowes, of course, would not help repair the crappy install problem so I got this company to help. They did a fantastic job re-stretching and cleaning this carpet and 3 other rms. Dan worked really hard and was completely professional.The carpet looks like new again, Thank YOU!”

– Ryan F.
Paradise Valley, United States

Definitely worth it! The service tech Danny did a great job! My dog chewed up the edge of my carpet and I was worried that I might need to replace the whole thing, but Danny was able to fix it and make it look like new!

Ron B.

Glendale, United States

Outstanding work. Wonderful customer service. Reasonable pricing. Dan the technician who came did amazing work patching the carpet and fixing pet damage.

Sam S.

Tempe, United States

Danny did a great job & exceeded my expectations. Phoenix Carpet Repair & Cleaning is my go to company to keeping my carpets look good. As a property manager I have seen the quality of other carpet cleaning companies and have always felt Phoenix Carpet Repair & Cleaning do a better job. Thank you for being so knowledgeable on carpets!

Nancy K.

Gilbert, United States