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Carpet Restoration

Hello and welcome to Phoenix Carpet Repair & Cleaning, the home of the best carpet care company in town!

We are proud to present our latest carpet cleaning service to you and is available right now!

Carpet Restoration Service

Do you have a carpet that you believe is soiled beyond repair? Are you thinking about ripping it out and replacing it with a new one?

Stop right now! We are here to tell you that your carpet can be saved! You don’t need to throw away a perfectly good carpet over a few stains!

Our carpet restoration service will not only remove the food, drink, and pet stains from your carpet, it will bring back its natural beauty as well!

Our carpet restoration service is a cost effective solution to your problem. Replacing your carpet is an expensive and time-consuming process. Our carpet restoration service will not only save you time and energy, it will also save you thousands of dollars!

Meet The Rotovac

What gives us the ability to restore your carpet is our newest carpet cleaning tool, the rotovac.

The rotovac is a powerful carpet cleaning tool with some wonderful features that are not found on a typical carpet cleaning wand.



What gives the rotovac its deep cleaning power is the power of agitation. This special feature helps us remove deep-seated ground in soil by scrubbing your carpet as we make a pass.  This scrubbing action is key to restoring your carpet.

Counter-Rotating Heads

This is another important feature of the rotovac. Each counter-rotating head is equipped with  spray jets that thoroughly sprays cleaning solution throughout your carpet.This ensures that all sides of the carpet fiber is cleaned and rinsed.

The rotovac also comes equipped with vacuum slots that instantly removes the water quickly and efficiently for quicker dry times.

In fact, the rotovac will leave your carpet 20% drier than a carpet that is cleaned with a traditional  carpet cleaning wand!

Any Pile. Any Time.

The counter-rotating heads also can be adjusted anywhere between 0-250 rpm, allowing us to clean various types of carpet pile. We can restore anything from commercial grade glue-downs to plush wool carpet and everything in between!

You Name It, We Can Clean and Restore It!

Phoenix Carpet Repair & Cleaning is the most experienced, knowledgeable and highly trusted carpet cleaning company in the valley!

Our reviews speak for themselves! Let us help you restore your carpet back to its original beauty!

Give us a call today at 602 755 6424 today for a free phone estimate!!

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