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Carpet Repair! This has to be the biggest question I get out in the field from my Customers. Many people wonder if repairing there carpet “Can you see the repair”  They may have a huge gaping hole where there dog or cat tour through the carpet and padding but they’re worried that the repair will be just as noticeable. Well the answer is simple, this is what I tell my customers before I even begin working on there damaged carpet!
Carpet repair takes skill and years of practice. Anytime you need to remove a piece of existing carpet for any reason be it burns pet damage or otherwise and replace it with another piece you run the risk of it being noticeable. Now a good carpet repair specialist will eliminate most traces of a repair but they are not miracle workers, although that’s what some of my customers call me. Remember that most repairs are in high traffic areas which means the carpet is worn and sometimes even discolored. Any repair in this situation will require a new piece  or piece from the closet to be placed where the old piece was.
There are some other things to think about: The quality of the carpet in question, the type of carpet being repaired and the location of the repair. Please take a look at my photos below and you tell me?.

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