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If you have been watching the news recently you know that the Obama administration and Iran have brokered a historic agreement over Iran’s nuclear weapons program.

For many on the left side of the political spectrum, this nuclear agreement  is seen as a huge accomplishment that should be celebrated. On the right side of the political spectrum, there is  the belief that this deal is bad for national security.

Regardless of who is right on this issue, the ones that stand to benefit the most from this historic deal is the U.S. consumer and the Iranian carpet industry.


Sanctions Are In Effect

The Iranian economy has been under .  Iran has also been under successive U.S. sanctions since the Iranian revolution of 1979.

After the 1979 hostage crisis, the United States government has banned almost all trade with Iran except for “items that benefit the Iranian people.”

Most of these sanctions targeted their oil and gas industries as well as their financial system.

While these sanctions were meant to change the regime’s behavior on the nuclear weapons issue, it ended up having an indirect impact on many industries in Iran, including the carpet industry.

In 2011, the Iranian carpet industry exported around $560 million in carpet related goods. In 2012-2013, this dropped down to $427 million in carpet related products.

Why target an industry that has been an integral part of the Iranian culture for 2,500 years?

Iranian rugs are world renowned for their quality, intricacies, and craftsmanship.


 More Persian Rugs On The Way To The U.S?

The nuclear agreement is poised to be a boon for the U.S. consumer and the Iranian carpet industry.

The head of the Iranian National Carpet Center was quoted saying  “exports of Iran’s hand-made carpets to all markets, especially the United States, will see a sharp rise.”

In 2009, the U.S. ranked  #1  among countries importing Iranian hand-made carpet. In fact, the U.S. accounted for a whopping 16.5% of their export sales.

This is substantial considering the tense diplomatic relationship between the two countries.

Can we expect to be flooded with Iranian hand-made rugs in the near future? All signs point to yes. As its largest market, you can expect to see lower prices on Persian rugs as well.


Choose Carefully

If you are in the market for a Persian rug, here are few tips that you can use to find the right rug.

  • Look at the knots per square inch. There should be at least 100 knots per square inch minimum.
  • Look for a traditional design. They hold their value better.
  • Avoid an impulse buy. Take your time to buy the right rug.
  • For more information click here

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