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As a company that specializes in Carpet Repair one of the questions we ask our customers every time is “Do you have extra carpet from the original installation?”. In a lot of instances, when homeowners have their carpet installed there is typically left over carpet that wasn’t used. Most carpet installers will give this leftover carpet remnant to the homeowner. If, and when, your carpet is damaged, either due to pets or a permanent stain, and you find yourself in need of a carpet repair our trained technicians can use this leftover carpet remnant. They will cut out the damaged area and permanently graft in the new carpet from the original installation. This will ensure that the color is an exact match as it will have come from the same dye lot. Carpet is impossible to match so while you may be able to find something similar to your carpet but it will not be the exact same color shade. Once we know that you do have extra carpet from the original installation we will ask you “Where do you store your extra carpet?”. This question is needed as the location that you store this carpet remnant is important.  A lot of people store this carpet outside in their garage. The problem with this location is that living in Arizona our garages can get as hot as 140 degrees on some days. This means, that over the long term, you are slow cooking your carpet which not only dries out the carpet’s latex backing but it can actually also alter the color shade of your carpet. As you can see in this picture from our customer’s home, he has a bleached area that he needed repaired. When the technician laid the extra remnant that had been stored in the garage there was an obvious color difference. This carpet had yellowed making it unusable for the repair. At an additional cost, the technician pulled carpet from the back of a closet which in this situation turned out to be a better color match than the remnant stored in the garage. The best place to store your extra carpet remnant is in the back of closet in your home. Keeping it out of the sunlight an at room temperature will ensure that it is usable in the future if needed.

If you have any additional questions or would like to schedule a carpet repair please call our office at 602-688-4186. We are here to help!

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