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For the average person, a carpet is seen as nothing special. It is just there.

No one stops to think about where carpets come from or what they are made of these days.

As a carpet care company who thrives on knowing the carpet industry inside and out, we wanted to help shed some light on these questions and help you learn more about what direction the carpet industry is heading in the near future.


Ground-Zero Of The Carpet Industry

Would you believe that most of the carpet produced in the United States is made in a small town in Georgia?

The town of Dalton to be exact is a small city in northern Georgia that is also known as the “carpet capital of the world”.

They can lay claim to this title because the carpet giants Mohawk, Shaw Industries, Beaulieu of America, Interface, among many others call Dalton, GA, and the surrounding area home.

Together these companies produce over 80% of the carpet in the United States!

These companies control what direction the carpet industry goes.

An interesting trend that has emerged in the carpet industry recently is the transition to sustainable carpet products.


Shaw and Mohawk Are Leading The Way

When it comes to implementing the idea of sustainability in the carpet industry, Shaw Industries and Mohawk are leading the way.

Both companies are implementing innovative solutions that will reduce waste and pollution during the production of carpet.

They are achieving these objectives primarily by reducing the use of oil as the feedstock for carpet production. They are turning to alternative materials that are more sustainable.

Plastic bottles are seen as a promising feedstock because it is derived from oil as well but is easier and cheaper to refine, reuse and acquire.

Mohawk operates a plastic bottle recycling center that collects nearly 3 billion plastics bottles a year and turns them into new, reusable carpet components.

This helps reduce how much trash ends up in landfills and reduces the need for foreign oil.

Who knew that carpet could turn into a national security issue?

Here is an interesting fact. Did you know that one gallon of oil is lost for every three square yards of carpet thrown into a landfill?


Can A Broken Windshield Be In Your Next Carpet?

Well not exactly but close. Interface, a prominent flooring manufacturer, has devised an innovative way to recycle polyvinyl butyral (PVB), a laminate found in windshields, into a latex substitute.

During production, Interface applies this new latex pre-coat to help connect yarn to the backing of carpet tiles.

This recycled PVB is safer for the environment because it reduces carbon pollution and toxicity to the environment.

This new product will help Interface increase it use of recycled raw materials to 66%.

While this is a laudable achievement, the ultimate goal for them is to reach 90% within two years!

As you can see the carpet industry has fully embraced sustainability in a big way!

Keeping an eye on this trend will help you understand your carpet and how to care for it in the future.


Phoenix Carpet Repair & Cleaning: Learning Every day

As a creative, cutting-edge carpet cleaning company, we always try to keep up with latest developments in the carpet industry.

This knowledge helps us provide you with helpful information about your carpet and helps us provide you with exceptional customer service!

In keeping with the spirit of environmental consciousness, we are proud that we can offer a green carpet cleaning service and a low-moisture carpet cleaning service to our customers!

Our green carpet cleaning service is a perfect way to promote healthy living and sustainability.

If you are in a hurry and don’t have time for a deep carpet cleaning, our low-moisture cleaning service is a perfect fit for you!

Our low-moisture carpet cleaning service has quicker drying times than our traditional carpet cleaning service and uses 90% less water as well! It is a win-win for you and the environment!

If you would like more information about any of our carpet cleaning services, please give us a call today at 602-688-4186!

You can also book your appointment with us online!


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