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As coronavirus cases continue to grow, Phoenix Carpet Repair & Cleaning has looked for ways to heighten our procedures when in our customers homes.  We are following guidelines and recommendations from the CDC, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and frequently check for updates as more information becomes available. One thing that people may not realize is that there is a huge difference between Cleaning and Disinfecting according to the CDC. These guidelines are focused on household settings:

  • Cleaning refers to the removal of germs, dirt and impurities from surfaces. It does not kill germs, but by removing them, it lowers their numbers and the risk of spreading infection.
  • Disinfecting refers to using chemicals, for example, EPA-registered disinfectants, to kill germs on surfaces. This process does not necessarily clean dirty surfaces or remove germs, but by killing germs on a surface after cleaning, it can further lower the risk of spreading infection.

When our technician is scheduled to come clean your carpet, area rugs, tile or upholstery he will use a truck mounted, hot water extraction, steam cleaning system. This is our basic cleaning service. Upon request we can then spray any carpet, rugs and upholstery using a hydro force sprayer with our disinfectant cleaning agent to kill any germs or bacteria that our regular cleaning did not remove or kill. Our disinfectant called Benefect, is a virucide, meaning that it deactivates or destroys viruses and is used in hospitals. It is safe to use around around the elderly, children, pets, chemically sensitive or high risk individuals.

We understand that now is the time to embrace cleaning, disinfecting and protecting our health whether residential or commercial. As an essential service we are here for both. We are only a phone call away to answer questions you may have about our services, products or procedures and we offer free, over the phone estimates to give you the best possible idea on price before we come to your home. Call us today at 602-688-4186.

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