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How can you have a sanitary home without a professional deep cleaning of surfaces? The answer is you can’t. Across the country carpet cleaning companies are recognized by the government as an essential service as we provide a health benefit. Phoenix Carpet Repair & Cleaning is here to show you the value of having your carpet, tile and or upholstery cleaned. We aren’t simply cleaning because of appearance issues, although that is typically why people have their home cleaned. The majority of people think if it looks dirty then it’s time to clean but with the coronavirus sweeping the nation we know more has to be done. You may not currently want any technicians in your home, which we completely understand, but heightened procedures are being implemented by our trusted technicians and of course, we will be here for when you are ready. When this pandemic crisis is over you will need to restore your home by having it deep cleaned. These are some of the new procedures that we have begun in light of the current events:

  • All of our equipment and vehicles are disinfected using our botanical disinfectant that kills 99.9% of germs and bacteria.
  • Technicians will wear protective booties and gloves while in your home.
  • Upon request: Spraying all carpeted, tile or upholstered areas using a hydro force sprayer with our disinfectant cleaning agent to kill any germs or bacteria that regular cleaning did not remove or kill. This product is virucidal, meaning that it deactivates or destroys viruses and is used in hospitals. If is safe to use around around the elderly, children, pets, chemically sensitive or high risk individuals.

Now, more than ever, is the time to embrace cleaning, disinfecting and protecting you and your households health.  Call our office at 602-688-4186 for a free, over the phone estimate.


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