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Having pets is a blessing most of the time. Our cats and dogs bring great joy into our lives. They cheer us up when we are sad, they sit with us when we are lonely and they protect us when we are in danger.

Having pets around the house makes life more enjoyable doesn’t it?  While cats and dogs are truly some of the best friends you can have, there is one itty bitty down side to it all. The pet odor.

I’m sorry to say but pet odor can be downright unpleasant when not cleaned up properly. The wet dog smell and old cat urine are two smells that you don’t want hanging around your home for too long.

Why Does My Dog Get The “Wet Dog Smell”

The short answer to this question is their fur collects all kinds of matter such as food, dirt, leaves and sweat.

Your dog’s sweat contains volatile organic acids, which are made up of degrading fat and bacteria. When you mix all of this together with water from the bath or being out in the rain is when the strong “wet dog” smell comes out.

If your dog is like most dogs, they live inside with you. This means that this not so pleasant smell is wafting all throughout your home.

If you entertain a lot of guests or just want your home to smell good, we can certainly help with eliminating the wet doggy smell!!

How Do We Handle Wet Dog Odor?

I’m glad you asked. We use an enzyme-based deodorizer that breaks down the smell at the molecular level. When combined with our traditional carpet cleaning service, this provides a one-two punch to your dog odor.

This approach is more effective than the off the shelf spot cleaners that you can buy. The store bought cleaners don’t work nearly as well as our product and it simply covers up the smell.

This means in a couple of days your home will continue to have a strong wet doggy odor!

Why treat the symptoms when you can fix the problem?

What Steps Can You Take To Minimize The Smell?

As dog owners we understand what it means to own a dog. The smell comes with the territory but it doesn’t mean you can’t keep it to a minimum.

Here are a few tips you can use to keep Fido smelling great:

  • Brush Regularly: This removes excess hair and skin cells
  • Bathe Your Dog: This will help keep his coat free of odor causing bacteria
  • Wash Bedding: Odors like to linger on doggy beds, sheets and upholstery. Washing the bedding on a consistent basis will greatly reduce the level of odor in your home.

These are just a few simple steps that you can follow to help mitigate the smell. When that isn’t enough, call Phoenix Carpet Repair and Cleaning for all of your carpet cleaning and pet odor removal needs.

You can book your appointment online or call us at 602-688-4186 today!

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