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We went out to Tempe Arizona today to do a Tempe Carpet Patch repair. The woman was 93 years old, She was such a nice lady. Her Daughter found us on line. She had her water heater go out on here in her home. The carpet had been dried out and the carpet needed to be patched. The woman called and asked if I did linoleum work, I said no, but I knew some one that did. He took good care of her and now it was time to take care of the carpet repair work. We needed to install some z-bar where the carpet meets the Linoleum and then a carpet patched. She said she called me because of my Rating with the BBB. PCR has an A+  Rating with the BBB. So wen you have a flood and you need your carpet re-tacked, Stretched,or patched Please give us a call at Phoenix Carpet Repair.

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