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Goodyear pet damage carpet patch and doorway re stretching

PCR did Pet damage carpet patch and doorway re stretching. The client had a small area where a pet had chewed up some carpet. In this spot we did a small patch, in another area they had a doorway where the carpet was loose and not tacked down so we power stretched it...

Re-stretch carpet Goodyear

PCR did Re-stretch carpet Goodyear. A large ripple went across a bedroom and we properly power stretched it out. In the picture you can see all of the carpet that we cut off from stretching. read reviews HERE

Goodyear Swap Smart Carpet Sales

Phoenix Carpet Repair is now selling carpet at the Goodyear Swap Smart. Come by and see our carpet Samples and we can beat Home Depot and Loews Prices!

Goodyear Swapsmart Phoenix Carpet Repair and cleaning Winner

We at PCR have a booth over at the Goodyear Swap Smart. Every month we have a Drawing for people to win a carpet repair or a carpet cleaning job. This March we had a winner. A very nice couple that live on the air force base. They were in shopping at the Swap Smart...

Phoenix Carpet Sales and Installation

Phoenix Carpet Repair and Cleaning is now going to offering Carpet Sales and Installation. Come by the Goodyear Swap smart and see samples and talk to our carpet installer, carpet cleaner and book an appointment for cleaning, Repair, or get some measurements and...