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South Phoenix Carpet Re-Stretching Carpet Ripple Repairs

Phoenix Carpet Cleaning and Phoenix Carpet Repair was called to do some South Phoenix Carpet Re-Stretching Carpet Ripple Repairs! new home owner needed some help before they moved there stuff in! Read Customer Reviews Click Here

Laveen Carpet Stretching Repair Work

PCR was called to do some Laveen Carpet Stretching Repair Work! Carpet Ripples needed to be Re-stretched due to poor Carpet Installation!

  We were called out by a management company to do a South Phoenix carpet re-seam repair. A plumber had to cut the carpet to patch a pipe in the ground, and he cut it with a pocket knife instead of using a new razor blade in a carpet knife. The carpet was very...

Phoenix carpet to tile saddle patch

PCR went to do a Phoenix carpet to tile patch. The home owner had tile installed and the contractor did not to a good job meeting the carpet to the tile. Another mistake during their installing was using a metal clamp down transition piece that is normally used in a...

South Phoenix/ Awatukee carpet patch

  PCR was called to do a South Phoenix/ Awatukee Carpet patch. The customer had a Murphy bed that was installed on older carpet that was in the room.  They removed the Murphy bed and realized that the previous home owner had newer carpet installed up to...