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Scottsdale Berber carpet repair

  PCR went to Scottsdale to repair some Berber carpet. A area of the Berber carpet had been chewed away by a pet and we came and seamed a piece in the area and it came out perfect.

Scottsdale carpet re-stretching job

PCR headed to Scottsdale to do carpet re-stretching. A customers home theater needed some re-stretching done. They moved all the furniture before we came and we stretched the huge room to fit perfectly.

Carpet re-stretch Scottsdale

PCR went out to Scottsdale to re-stretch rippled carpet. A client had some beautiful carpet that was not properly installed and the result were big ripples. We were able to come in and properly stretch them out with our power stretcher.

Scottsdale carpet re-stretching and repair work

  A client in Scottsdale needed some carpet re-stretching and repair work done. PCR went out and patched the carpet, they stretched out the ripples and replaced the tack strip. The job came out perfect and the customer was pleased with the...