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Scottsdale carpet to sliding door re-stretching

PCR did Scottsdale carpet to sliding door re-stretching. There was a large ripple in the clients room along the sliding glass door. Stretching this out is the same procedure, we used out power stretcher and the ripple came right out as you can see in the after...

Scottsdale Carpet Re-Stretch job

Phoenix Carpet cleaning and Repair was called to do a Scottsdale Carpet re-Stretch job for a client. They have a snow bird home here in the valley and left there home to warm and the carpet stretched and then they needed our services!

Carpet Repair Scottsdale Arizona

PCR was called to a carpet repair Scottsdale Arizona. The Client lives out of state and needed someone to be his eyes here in AZ! We do this kind of thing for our clients all the Time Carpet Repair, Carpet Cleaning call us and get the job done right!