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Phoenix patterned carpet burn patches

Phoenix carpet repair and cleaning did Phoenix patterned carpet burn patches. The customer had two areas that had small holes burned. We used carpet they had to patch these areas, and had to take an exact piece to patch it so it would match the pattern. read reviews...

Phoenix Berber carpet re stretching

Phoenix carpet repair and cleaning were called to do Phoenix Berber carpet re stretching. The customers Berber carpet in a master bedroom had some bad rippling and was in some need of carpet re stretching. We power stretched the carpet from wall to wall perpendicular...

Phoenix carpet pet damage repair

PCR did Phoenix carpet pet damage repair. The client had a fairly large area along a wall that had been badly scratched and chewed up. We cut the whole section out and patched in a new one. Sorry for no after picture! read reviews HERE  

Phoenix Carpet to Tile Repair and Stretching

PCR was called to do some Phoenix Carpet to Tile Repair and Stretching Work for a client today! Client had installed really nice tile through out the home and never finished the job.

Phoenix Carpet Stretching

Phoenix carpet repair got called out to do a Phoenix Carpet Stretching today. The Clients were going to be moving out and there dog chewed the carpet to tile edge in the Kitchen entry way. We were able to Power stretch the carpet and make it look Brand New!.