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Phoenix stain carpet patches

PCR did Phoenix stain carpet patches. The client had several stains in various parts of their home. We just decided to patch all these areas because the stains wouldn’t come out. Good thing the client had extra carpet in one of their closets for us to use for...

Carpet to tile damage re-stretching Phoenix

PCR did Carpet to tile damage re-stretching Phoenix. The clients edge of carpet had been chewed up a bit. We used our power stretcher to stretch the carpet up tightly, and cut off all the damage carpet and re-tacked it down good. Read reviews HERE  ...

Phoenix rippled carpet re-stretching

PCR did Phoenix rippled carpet re-stretching. The customers room had a few ripples in it but we were able to stretch them all out with our power stretcher and the job came out great! read reviews HERE  

Carpet ripple re-stretching Phoenix

PCR did Carpet ripple re-stretching Phoenix. The client had massive ripples running across a few rooms and they had been sitting there for over 2 years. This is what happens when carpet is installed poorly. read reviews HERE  

Phoenix carpet re-stretch

PCR did Phoenix carpet re-stretching today. There was a large ripple in a bedroom but we stretched it and cut the excess carpet away. read reviews HERE