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Berber carpet repair

Berber carpet repair

The customer had some snags in her Berber carpet. We were able to cut out the snag and patch the hole. We love to be able to do jobs like this and help out our customers.  

Phoenix Carpet Patch Berber Damage

PCR was called to do a Phoenix Berber Carpet Patch today. Another dog locked in a bedroom and wanted out! This happens allot and we are able to save clients allot of money by repairing there carpet rather than replacing it. Here is what some good Carpet damage looks...

Scottsdale Berber Repair

We went out to Scottsdale to do a Scottsdale Berber Carpet Repair today. The Vacuum Cleaner ate the carpet! No Worries we can Repair it. No need to Replace the entire carpet when you have a Berber Run in your carpet. Our Saying is Don’t Replace it, Repair it! We...

Glendale Arizona Berber Carpet Patch

We went to Glendale Arizona to do a Glendale Arizona Berber Carpet Patch today. A 4 month old English Bull dog was playing with some Loose Berber Carpet strands and did some damage. We got a call and went to do a Berber Carpet Patch. Berber Carpet if not properly...