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Carpet Cleaning Black Marks on Carpet

When our customers ask us on the phone how good can we cat their carpets looking, our response is at least 80% better than what they look like now.  A lot of factors come into play when trying to clean up carpet like: How old is the carpet; When is the last time the...

Phoenix carpet cleaning

PCR is now adding a new addition to its carpet cleaning line. Along with the large vortex truck mounted unit, we are also adding a Pro Cam. We are very excited to be expanding our carpet cleaning. read reviews HERE

Phoenix Carpet Repair & Cleaning

Phoenix Carpet Repair has started a Phoenix Carpet cleaning and Grout Division. We are excited to be serving the valley in this way. We have one of the Most powerful Truck mounts on the market called the Vortex which allows us to clean carpets and Upholstery as well...