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Glendale Pet Damage

This customer invented his own phrase and we said we might borrow it. He said that his dog, “dogged” up his carpet.  So Phoenix Carpet Repair and Cleaning was called to the resuce to Glendale to repair pet damaged carpet.  Dogs often break out of jail...

Carpet re stretching Glendale

Phoenix carpet repair and cleaning did Carpet re stretching Glendale. The customers home had carpet ripples in a couple spots, one being on the landing of a staircase. The installer did not do a very good job of stretching the carpet when they installed it. A lot of...

Glendale Pet Damage Repair

Glendale Pet Damage Repair. PCR gets calls like this Daily. We can repair that carpet for a fraction of the cost of carpet replacement! Give us a call for all your carpet woe’s