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Glendale free floating stairs carpet install

PCR did Glendale free floating stairs carpet install. Installing free floating stairs is much different then normal stairs, this is because each stair has to have its own piece of carpet and pad where normal stairs have one huge piece of carpet that goes down the...

Glendale carpet to tile edge repair and carpet patch

PCR went to Glendale for carpet-to-tile edge repair and a carpet patch. A diagonal edge parallel to the tile needed to be stretched and cut to fit. We did it perfectly and did a small square patch.

Glendale Carpet Stretch

PCR was called out top do a Glendale Carpet Stretch today. 2 rooms that were installed 2 or so years ago had carpet Ripples in them. The Client had me come stretch the carpet and then my carpet cleaning tech showed up to clean her carpets! Here is a pic of the Power...

Glendale Carpet Stretch Repair

PCR was called to do a Glendale Carpet Stretch Repair job today. Foreclosure home sat and the carpet rippled! To read  Clients review Click Here

Glendale Carpet Stretching Repair

Phoenix Carpet Repair and Cleaning was out today to do a Glendale Carpet Stretching Repair and Cleaning today. Its nice to be able to offer both services to our clients now. I do the carpet Repair work and I am a specialist at Carpet Repair and Brian is a Specialist...