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Chandler Carpet Repair

Chandler Carpet Repair

Phoenix Carpet Cleaning and Repair was called to do a Chandler Carpet Repair job for a customer that needed some help. We were able to install some carpet pad and insert some carpet that they had and complete the job to there satisfaction!

Carpet re-streching in Chandler

Phoenix Carpet Repair and Cleaning was called to perform carpet re-streching in Chandler.  Why would you need to re-stretch your carpet you ask?  Well, there are many factors, but the number one reason carpet will get ripples is poor instillation.  Carpet...

Pet damage carpet repair Chandler

Phoenix carpet repair and cleaning did Pet damage carpet repair Chandler. The clients dog pulled back carpet from the corner of the room and chewed up the pad beneath it. We glued in brand new pad, then power stretched the carpet back to the tack strip so it would be...

Chandler seam damage carpet repair

Phoenix carpet repair and cleaning did Chandler seam damage carpet repair. The client had two pieces of carpet that were poorly seamed together causing the seam to break and the what should be one piece of carpet, separate into two. To repair it, we cut out the seam,...

Chandler carpet re stretching

Phoenix carpet repair and cleaning did Chandler carpet re stretching. The client had some carpet ripples in a hallway. We were able to power stretch them all out and cut the carpet to stay fit to the hallway. read  reviews HERE