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North Phoenix: Carpet Stretching

North Phoenix: Carpet Stretching

Are you tired of walking over your loose, lumpy carpet? It is possible to restretch your old carpeting to remove the rippling that appeared over time. With a few special tools, you can try to stretch the carpets on your own. We always recommend you consult with an...

Why does carpet develop ripples? Surprise, AZ

  Most of the time, our customers have the same question when it comes to carpet rippling..Why? The answer is simple..Poor installation!  We also can assure you that this rippling problem can be corrected with use of a Power Stretcher. Yes, the room must be free of...

Phoenix Carpet Repair News!

Phoenix Carpet Repair & Cleaning is promoting the company with a News Press Release!  We want all of our potential customers to know we want to be your carpet cleaners for life!  View the Digital Journal Press Release!