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Laveen carpet to tile Berber pet damage patch

Phoenix carpet repair and cleaning were called out to do Laveen carpet to tile Berber pet damage patch. The customer had some very bad fraying and damage along the tile. To repair it, we cut out the damaged section and patched it with some carpet we took out of the...

Laveen pet damage carpet patch

PCR did a Laveen pet damage carpet patch. The clients pet had chewed a hole in the middle of their living room, we did a small patch and replaced the damaged pad and the job came out great and the after picture shows it! read reviews HERE  

Carpet repair Laveen AZ

Phoenix Carpet Repair was called to do a Carpet repair Laveen AZ! There were some carpet Birns they needed some Laveen Carpet Patch work done to get there security deposit back from there landlord! We get to help people like this every week here in the Phoenix Valley!...

carpet repair Laveen

Phoenix carpet repair was called to carpet repair Laveen AZ. pet Damage was the call of the hour for this happy Pet owner! We can repair your carpet! read customer reviews click HERE

Laveen Carpet Stretching Repair Work

PCR was called to do some Laveen Carpet Stretching Repair Work! Carpet Ripples needed to be Re-stretched due to poor Carpet Installation!