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Anthem carpet to tile Berber patch

PCR did Anthem carpet to tile Berber patch. The clients pet had chewed the edge of carpet and it ended up frayed and damaged in a small spot, it was too much to just try to stretch out so we did a small patch, and even with the design of the Berber, the patch still...

North Phoenix Carpet Burn Repair

Phoenix Carpet Repair and Cleaning went out to do a North Phoenix Carpet Burn Repair. It was a heat lamp from a reptile Cage left on the carpet!

North Phoenix Carpet Patch Repair Work

PCRv was called to do some North Phoenix Carpet Patch repair Work for a client. Pet damage was the call of the hour. Even though the little guy was locked up in a create he dug some holes in the carpet!

Anthem Carpet Repair

Phoenix Carpet Repair was called to do an Anthem Carpet Repair today. The call of the hour was a Carpet Plug. The home owners child left a heat lamp on the carpet and burned a hole into the carpet.