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Scottsdale Berber carpet repair

  PCR went to Scottsdale to repair some Berber carpet. A area of the Berber carpet had been chewed away by a pet and we came and seamed a piece in the area and it came out perfect.

Glendale carpet to tile edge repair and carpet patch

PCR went to Glendale for carpet-to-tile edge repair and a carpet patch. A diagonal edge parallel to the tile needed to be stretched and cut to fit. We did it perfectly and did a small square patch.

Glendale Carpet Repair Patch job

  PCR went out to Glendale today to repair a ripped seam. The old carpet was 2o years old and has jute backing but we were able to seam in a brand new piece from a closet that was a bit of a darker color, but the customer was satisfied with...

Glendale Berber Carpet Pet Damge Repair

PCR was called to do a Glendale Berber Carpet Pet Damage Repair today. Same day service for this nice lady. She was upset at her cat for clawing away the Carpet. We repaired her carpet and she was happy! Read Client Review Click Here