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Buckeye carpet cleaning

Phoenix carpet repair and cleaning did  Buckeye carpet cleaning. The customer decided that they needed carpet cleaning and had us clean a few rooms in their home including the staircase. read reviews HERE

Buckeye carpet hole repair

PCR did Buckeye carpet hole repair. This job was a first for us, the client had a crime scene investigation in their home and the police had to cut out a portion of their carpet leaving them with a large square with no carpet. We took carpet from the closet so it...

Buckeye pet damage carpet patch

Phoenix Carpet Repair and Cleaning did Buckeye pet damage carpet patch. The customers carpet was severely chewed up by their dog. We had to cut out a pretty large section of carpet due to the severity and size and patch it with some carpet from the closet. read...

Buckeye carpet to tile re-stretching

PCR did Buckeye carpet to tile re-stretching today. Where the carpet met the tile was damaged and not fully up to the tile and tacked down right so we stretched in up, cut off excess/damaged carpet and installed new tack strip and tacked it down. read reviews HERE...

Carpet Repair Buckeye AZ

Phoenix Carpet repair was called to dp some Carpet repair Buckeye AZ for a client who had some pet damage!   Read customer Reviews Click HERE