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How to Guide Our Teenagers to Clean Our House?

For many parents a major point of conflict with your teenager is home cleaning.  A source of constant arguments and anger, this is one area where it might just pay off to have a little flexibility.  It’s possible to teach your teen to be neater about the house, but it won’t be accomplished by yelling, threats or demands.  The only sure fire way of being successful in this situation is to be flexible.

Lowering Expectations

Sometimes parents just don’t get it.  Why does keeping the house clean and neat have to be such a heated battle.  Just how difficult is it to wash a few dishes, or hang up a dirty towel?  What they fail to grasp is that the conflict isn’t just about a few extra chores that won’t take longer than a 15 minutes at the most, a second or two at the least.  As with most arguments with teenagers, the battle isn’t really about a jacket left on the sofa, or some school books scattered about.  In fact, it’s not about home cleaning at all.  It’s about independence.

That’s right.  It’s that time when your teenagers are growing up.  They aren’t kids any longer and so they won’t be satisfied being treated the same way.  They want more independence and anything less is just not going to work.  So what can you do?  Well, compromise if that’s at all possible.  Loosen the reins.  Give your child that control they want so badly, but within reason.  And tie more independence in with more responsibility.  No they don’t have to keep their room spotless, or absolutely never put their jacket or schoolbooks on the sofa or the end table in the hall.  It’s enough if you see that they are genuinely making an effort to respect the ground rules.

Facts about Bond Cleaning

Bond cleaning can be summed up this way.  It is when a prospective tenant signs an agreement as part of their lease to put a one month’s deposit down as insurance to the landlord that they will take proper care of the property they are renting.  Once the lease is finished and the tenant is ready to move on, they are responsible for giving the apartment or home a complete cleaning from top to bottom.  That means everywhere that a human can possibly reach, until it is spick and span.  If all goes well and the landlord is pleased with the results of the tenant’s efforts at bond cleaning, then he will return the tenant’s deposit.

If the tenant does not wish to undertake such a huge project on their own, then they can hire a company to do the cleaning of their apartment or home for them.  It can be expensive, but what you get in exchange if you hire the right company is more than worth it.  You have the peace of mind of knowing that the work that needs to be done is being tended to while you have the freedom to do other things.  You also know that a professional company knows exactly what they are supposed to do and will leave no stone unturned in the cleaning process.


Candice is an expert in home cleaning Brisbane, and also bond cleaning Brisbane, having lived and worked as a professional home cleaner there for more than 10 years.  She had written many articles on the topic of cleaning homes and the best way to go about it, or the best company to hire for the job.

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