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In the world of business, success is often built upon strong relationships, teamwork, and shared experiences. Our owner, Robert, headed to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico on a transformative journey and embarked on a deep-sea fishing trip with our trusted business partners and friends. He was joined by David Medina with Orange County Carpet Repair & Cleaning, Harley Hall with Atlanta Carpet Repair & Cleaning, Dallin Bowers with Arizona Restoration Specialists, Ryan Fenn with Chiirp, and John aka Buggy, who has been friends with Robert since Kindergarten. Beyond the confines of offices and work trucks, they discovered the power of bonding on a thrilling adventure on the open ocean. Teaming up with El Pescador and Captain, Ariel Rosen, they boarded a boat that was built and crewed to be the ultimate platform for targeting the giant fish found in the waters offshore of Puerto Vallarta. El Pescador’s specialty is fishing giant yellowfin tuna approx. 60-120 miles north of P.V. and they caught a total of seven tunas on the first full day of fishing. They also caught pacific needlefish, black-tipped sharks, hammerhead shark, mahi mahi, as well as red and watermelon snappers. To add to the excitement the boat drifted into controversial waters and the boat was boarded by the Mexican Navy with machine guns. They ended up being detained for 7 hours before they were finally let go. After 4.5 days they bid farewell to the open waters, they carried with them a renewed sense of purpose and unity. The deep sea fishing trip had not only strengthened their bond but had also imparted invaluable lessons that would shape their collaborative efforts in the business world. They recognized the immense value of stepping outside the office and embracing new experiences to foster creativity, trust, and a shared vision for the future. Through the challenges faced, the bonds formed, and the lessons learned, they discovered that business success extends beyond financial achievements. It resides in the connections built, the shared experiences, and the ability to adapt and overcome. So, whether it’s casting lines or forging partnerships, embracing new adventures can unlock unforeseen opportunities for growth and prosperity.


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