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Phoenix Carpet Repair and Cleaning did a demo for a new product called Maxim Advanced.  As you know many things have red dye or dye number five in it.  It wreaks havoc on your carpet.  We are now offering a new top of the line carpet protector that offers an un-matched, un-fathomable result!  Check out Jenny, our office manager giving the thumbs up after the demo.  The piece of carpet on the left was not treated with Maxim Advanced while the one on the right was.  They were both treated with the same red dye.  The results speak for themselves!  Call us today at 602-688-4186 to find out more information.  We can perform this service when we are in your home cleaning your carpets with our green products and our truck-mounted hot water extraction steam cleaning unit.

Maxim Protectant with Red Dye Blocker


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