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1.  You must pay 2 weeks before training begins. So we can order tools and etc. (with signed contract) make check out to Robert Atlas
2.  You need a smartphone with a good camera (and you’ll need this for getting leads back home, we recommend the iPhone)
3.  Bring soft cooler bag for snacks, we don’t stop often at places to eat
4.  Bring notebook and pen. a lap top computer.
5.  Bring 1 large extra duffel bag to be used for carrying misc tools back home

6.  Fly in on a Sunday and show up Monday morning 7:30 a.m., then each day after work begins at 8am (make sure you have already ate breakfast 🙂 Fly out Sat night or Sunday Morning. We will train for 6 days (Mon-Sat). Expect to work from 8-5  then hands on training from 6-8pm.

Robert Atlas

18441 West Piedmont Rd
Goodyear, AZ 85338

7.  Book your hotel here:

Comfort Suites
15575 W Roosevelt St
Goodyear, AZ 85338

Phone – 623-266-2884

8. The cloths to wear while training. Dickey’s  shorts or paints. I will give you a company shirt to wear while working. Pack light. I suggest a carry on bag.

9. You want to Fly Southwest Airlines. Bags fly free on southwest and you will be bringing 3 bags/Tool boxes back with you. So you will pay for one bag if you fly Southwest;


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